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Our petting zoo is an exciting experience for all ages of children and adults. We come to you event with 14 different species. With groups/classes or a general flow, and provide an interactive, handling experience.

With our mini-tour, the children are introduced to each animal so they can grasp the fundamentals and the basic details such as species, name, habitat, environment, and diet.

Our animal handlers will deal with all aspects of the petting zoo, providing a professional and absorbing experience. With close ups with tarantulas, and scorpions, and handling of everything else from chickens, mice, and rats, through to cockroaches,insects, lizards and of course the old favourite, snakes. Rabbits and guinea pigs for anybody a little more reserved! It’s a great experience and can be an event on its own or another attraction for fun and gala days.

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Hi, it was all so hectic and Dave left before I had a chance to thank him properly,so just wish to send my thanks to him for doing such a wonderful job at the Party My son LOVED it as did everyone else!!!
, Crieff

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